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Beijing DesignWorld Group Co., Ltd. is a large cultural tourism design group company under G Tech Systems Group Inc. (GTSGI) in California, USA. It entered the Chinese market in 2008. Located at No. 888, Baishan Banbi Street, Changping District, Beijing, the company's R&D and production base covers an area of approximately 42,000㎡.

Based on credibility, the company provides customers with high-level designs and products, as well as high-quality services.

The company is devoted to comprehensive projects of creating themed entertainment attractions and landscapes, and provides services of planning, design, construction, fabrication, production, consulting, management and operation for cultural and tourism projects such as theme parks, water parks, children's parks, themed and rehabilitation resorts, film and television cities, featured towns, etc. The company is also engaged in the investment and IP product research and development, new material research and development and production. The company has the world's top planning and design management team and the ability to integrate resources across the industry chain. Through visual narrative, the overall planning and application of the environment, amusement facilities, and supporting services are carried out to create an unparalleled new fantasy world, allowing customers to obtain an immersive experience in different time, space and stories. At the same time, we also make efforts to create customers’ own IP brands for them to obtain greater commercial value and brand effect.

The company has provided design and construction services for a series of well-known brands such as Disney, Universal Studios, China Film Group, Shanghai Film Group, Wanda Group, Zhaowang Group, Evergrande Group, Federal Real Estate, Carnival Group, etc., and has participated in nearly 100 planning, design and construction of large-scale cultural tourism projects and nearly a thousand children’s playground/parent-child hotel/parent-child restaurant projects.

Representative works: China Film Base, Chongqing Leheledu Theme Park, Qingdao Sea Carnival, Qingdao Wanda Oriental Movie City, Zhangye Eternal Moon Happy Kingdom, National Film Exchange Center, Evergrande Haihua Island Water Park, Tianjin Aircraft Carrier Theme Park, Shenzhen Xiaomeisha Sea World, Chengdu Panda Base, Jiangmen/Longyan/Yantai Wanda Indoor Parent-child Parks, Dingxiu Meiquan Family Hotel and so on.

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